General Guidelines

For all events:

1) Access to the grounds is granted 30 minutes before the event starts, unless other arrangements have been made.

2) Loitering in the parking lot is not permitted after your event or while other events are taking place.

3) Service animals are the only animals allowed in the building.  No animals or pets may be left in a vehicle during your event. (This is a private event not put on by Waverly Hills or The Historical Society. Service animals are limited due to the buildings environment and staff who can not be around dogs. Please email us at for further information on pets. Thank you)

4) Out of respect for other customers, we request that on tours and public investigations no lights be trained across the building from the parking lot and no flash photography is allowed outside after dark.

5) Please watch out for wildlife when entering or exiting the property.

6) Vehicles must be turned off during event.

7) Sleeping in vehicles and camping of any type is not allowed.  This includes cars, trucks, campers, tents, and out in the open.

8) We respectfully insist no infants be brought on tours or investigations.

9) The WHHS reserves the right to close for the safety of our customers, staff and volunteers. ex: bad weather, bad road conditions, etc.

10) WHHS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

11) Ticket user assumes responsibility for any AND all injuries. Please no illegal drugs or excessive alcohol. If you are drinking and proceed to become intoxicated and make a nuisance or become a danger to others you will be escorted off the premises immediately. Thank you.

You do not have to have a ticket from the convention portion to book a night time tour.  The only tour that you must have a convention pass for is the Mini Tour during the day.


If you would like to take a tour without a Celebrity or Paranormal Guest then pick the Paranormal tour. If you attend the convention and you decide to take a tour, you can purchase tickets onsite.